Team suzuki ecstar motogp yang di perkuat rider itali Andrea ianonne dan spaniard alex rins siap menyambut gelaran motogp sachsenring di jerman.

Berbekal feed back yang bagus dari Assen GSX R bersama rider potensial mereka siap memberikan yang terbaik.

Kembalinya Alex rins dari cidera memberikan feed back positif bagi suzuki dan siap tampil terbaik.

Di sadur dari website suzuki ecstar bahwa sachsenring merupakan sirkuit yang unik dengan 10 tikungan kiri dan hanya 3 tikungan ke kanan, di tambah lagi aspal baru yang tentunya akan banyak memakan grip dan compound ban cepat habis.

Berikut petikan wawancara para rider :

Andrea Iannone

“The Sachsenring circuit is very peculiar; it´s tight and closed. It looks like a kart racing track for some reason, but perhaps it is delightful in its incongruity. The new asphalt will be a question mark for everybody, so I’m curious to see how the grip will be during the early laps on Friday. I’m arriving in Germany in a positive mood. We are working hard in the garage and the last race in Assen gave us important indications. These will be useful not only in the next race, but even more so during the summer break, with more time to work on development.”
Alex Rins

“The weekend in Assen has been very positive for me as I was able to verify that the arm is fully recovered. I had no problems throughout the entire distance of the race and this gives me a good feeling about Germany. It’s good for me that we aren´t taking a break and go immediately to race again, because I feel very eager to race and to continue my racing development program. Sachsenring is a good track for me; I have good memories of the place, although I have no experience with a MotoGP there. I need to get more and more confident with the bike. It’s important for me to work hard and do as many laps as I can, to get perfectly fit, and also to polish my riding skills.”
Story issued by: Team SUZUKI ECSTAR